Jiu Jitsu (Aiuchi)

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• Jiu Jitsu is a Japanese martial art based on the concept of movement, fluidity and balance. Come along to try something new, fun and challenging!
• Practiced for self-defence, it was originally adapted from the unarmed combat techniques of the samurai. We too, recognise that times have changed so we train in a modern interpretation of the art.

Aiuchi Jiu-Jitsu is always taught from a self-defence perspective in a safe, friendly environment. We welcome everyone, medics and non-medics alike. Whether you are a complete novice or already carrying two-black belts from other martial arts.

Our primary focus is on throws, joint manipulation and groundwork while incorporating some striking into our training. Our style uses balance and movement rather than strength, so anyone can learn it.

We hold national courses and events throughout the year with our clubs around the UK. Your first three sessions are free, and you can wear normal exercise clothes.

We believe it's important to get to know everyone during training and after. Training sessions are usually followed by a visit to the pub, and we have planned social activities throughout the year.


7-9 pm Union Gym (Third Floor Beit-quad)

3-5 pm Union Gym (Third Floor Beit-quad)
**The first session of this year is on the 5th of October at iGym Studio, Woodward Halls, 1 Victoria Road, W3 6BL

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