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The Indian National Student Association (INSA) aims to provide a platform to connect Indian students in Imperial College London with a wider diaspora of Indian students studying in other UK universities. It is a society dedicated to the professional development of students studying at Imperial College London. INSA is connected to an organisation named Indian National Student Association -INSA (UK), having a PAN UK presence. INSA (UK) is an unincorporated, not-for-profit organisation and has its members from thirty-five (35) Universities across the UK. INSA (UK), was founded in 2016 to provide “a Home Away from Home” for approximately 40,000 Indian international students coming to the UK, by providing guidance and support to integrate and embrace their lives in the UK. INSA (UK) aims to nurture future leaders and ambassadors for India who could represent India well in their personal capacity at the national and global level.

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