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If you want to play golf competitively or socially then please come and find us at freshers fair. Our club is one of the few remaining bastions of civilization in a fast-moving world, where opportunities to sample fresh air in green fields, followed by a refreshing glass of kummel with your best chums, are too few and too far between. One of the great secrets in Imperial's sporting repertoire counts international heroes Sir Alexander Fleming and J.P.R. Williams MBE amongst its more famous alumni. We offer membership to a limited number at Denham, one of London''s finest courses. For competitive golfers we compete in the BUCS league as Imperial College Golf Club Mixed Team, whilst a great number of social matches and soirees exist for the less blessed amongst us. Beginners are also welcomed to our driving range sessions with a view to progressing onto the course. So put on your plus fours, swing your mashie-niblick, and join us on the fairway.

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