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Have you always dreamed of flying, taking in the view from above or performing thrilling aerobatics?
Imperial College Gliding Club can help you make that dream come true - we provide training at all levels at low cost. Once you've flown solo and converted to one of our two high-performance single-seaters, nothing will stop you from flying hundreds of kilometres cross-country, participating in competitions or getting an aerobatic rating! On top of the weekend trips, we also organise tours during the winter to Scotland or Wales, giving you the opportunity to fly from a different airfield and make use of ridge lift or even wave.

ICGC is not only about flying - we organise several social events throughout the year, such as bar nights and dinners. We also take part in events organised by other Junior pilots, which is a great way to get to know glider pilots all over the UK. We always have a lot of fun together! If this sounds like something you'd be interested in - come for a flight and try it out for yourself!

ICGC runs bi-weekly trips every Saturday and Sunday. This allows us to bring each member flying regularly. Sign-up forms are sent out at the beginning of each week for the following weekend.

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