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The Geophysics Society is here to introduce students to the geophysical world. What is geophysics, you might ask? Geophysics is a discipline that integrates maths and physics to understand the world around us. It covers all aspects of the Earth, from the inner workings of the core to earthquakes & volcanoes on the surface and all the way up to atmospheric phenomena. We are not open just to the geophysicists and geologists; students from all subject areas are welcome to join and no special geoscience skills are required! All you need is an appreciation of the applications of physics and maths to the natural world! Throughout the year we will be holding various events, including seminars from professional geophysicists, outreach days with schools, fieldtrips to see geophysical methods in action and of course some social outings - all of which end with some drinks and good chat. We aim to build our reputation with geophysical companies and to provide you valuable advice about future careers through this. So if you're interested in how the world works or want to see how maths and physics can be applied to our planet, the Geophysics Society is here for you!

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