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Welcome to the F1 Soc!

Designed to bring you the best entertainment there is, we broadcast every race on campus and create a fan-zone where F1 enthusiasts unite to celebrate the fastest racing event there is on the planet. Whether you just started watching F1 or know every team, driver, team principal, or even engineer, join us for a fun and social racing event!

Alongside the weekend races, we organise industry and career talks with F1 alumni, discuss any technical improvements and car performances during practice sessions, qualifying and race day. We also have a F1 Fantasy League and release weekly podcasts on Spotify. Additionally, look forward to go-karting events and trips to driving simulators to battle out any frustrations from the daily student life or simply Ferrari messing up their strategy yet again.

So all you have left to do is Log In, Become a Member of our society, and signup to our Newsletter to join us for all our amazing events. Don't forget to follow our Instagram account where we post daily updates!

See you at our next event!


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