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Craving new cinematic experiences? Want to explore the movies that made history or get a peek of films from across the world? Then join us at the FilmSoc! We show a wide range of films that includes films both new and old, from hidden gems to timeless classics and from all over the world. For the membership fee of £5 you will have access to weekly screenings in college curated by our members with free snacks, trips to film festivals and exclusive events like director Q&As. For example, events from previous years included The Cabinet of Dr Caligari with live scoring by Minima, a screening of The Act of Killing followed by a Q&A with the director, a film quiz at the Prince Charles Cinema, and - of course - The Room. We encourage suggestions and requests from our members to keep our programme spontaneous and enjoyable. If you consider yourself a cinematic thrill seeker looking for a new insight into the domain of cinema or are a card carrying cinephile this is the society for you.

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