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Welcome all fellow nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts to Fellwanderers, the hiking club at Imperial. Whether you're into relaxing countryside strolls or epic mountain hikes, we cater to all abilities and tastes; you will definitely find something here to suit you! Walking for hours on end with a small group of people you've just met is a really great way to participate in weird and wonderful conversations that creates life long friendships (just think of Frodo). The fond memories of struggling to climb up to the summit will stick with you for a while but the view is worth it, I promise. We organise monthly weekend trips to the most stunning national parks and locations in UK, including Snowdonia, the Peak District and the Lake District. On the other weekends, we stick closer to home and hike around the charming countryside around London. At the end of each term, we organise longer trips in the UK and beyond. The best thing about all this (apart from the views) is that everything is made cheaper through subsidies! Between all the hikes, we rest our feet by hosting multiple socials throughout the year. Join us to experience our legendary termly bar nights, to brave through our extended movie marathons, or to just enjoy a pleasant afternoon tea with like-minded people you've met on previous hikes! If seeing the best of the countryside with some of the friendliest people at Imperial sounds like something you’d enjoy, join the Fellwanderers!

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