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The Imperial College Energy Society is open to all students and members of staff from different backgrounds who are interested in the Energy Sector. We aim to induce innovation among students in clean or renewable energy by organising various events. The society provide its members with the foundation, skills and network to develop successful careers in energy-related industries.

We offer a variety of events to our members either for a discounted price or completely FREE. Our major events for the upcoming year are:

1. G3 Energy Summit 2020
After successfully co-hosting the event for three consecutive years, we are continuing our collaboration with LSE and UCL. Members given priority to attend with discounted price.

2. Design Projects
These projects are focused on gaining experience of a field in the energy sector through practical experience. [Nuclear Fusion / Solar PV / Wind]

3. Regular talks from industry experts
Talks on the latest technological advances and breakthrough.

4. Energy Journal
An collaboration between, Imperial, LSE, UCL Energy Societies and ESCP, students write and edit articles on energy-related topics of their choice, to be published in print.

5. Alumni Networking Event
We invite alumni who now work in the energy sector. Members are given priorities to attend.

6. Field trips/Company tours
Past destinations include Netherlands (STCA), France (ITER) and Oxford (JET). Members only.

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