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Welcome incoming EEE and EIE-ers! Here at EESoc HQ we aim to make sure all of you are well looked after and inducted in to the Department!

We've got plenty of exciting events planned for you throughout the year. Whether you're the social kid, want to learn as much as you can about the Industry open to EEE and EIE-ers, or fancy getting involved in sports tournaments- against other Departments, and of course EEE vs EIE, we've got it sorted! Some of the highlights include the parent's lunch, our very own Industry Fair, the Christmas Dinner and our MovEEs.

Get introduced to the ComunitEEE by your EE-parents, who will happily answer any questions about the Department or what it is like living in London.

So sit back, and enjoy the first year for all you can! pEEEce out and see you in October!

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