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Effective altruism is a global movement that aims to use evidence and reasoning to find the best ways to help others, and put them into practice. It’s both a research field, which aims to identify the world’s most pressing problems and the very best solutions to them, and a practical community that aims to use those findings to do good.

This is important since some problems in the world are far more pressing than others and some solutions to them are enormously more effective than others. Some examples of problems the community has worked on include preventing malaria in the developing world, ending animal factory farming, and protecting the long-term future from global catastrophic risks including pandemics or misaligned advanced AI.
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Our society focuses on supporting students interested in careers that have a large positive impact on the world. We run speaker events with experts, an 8-week introduction programme, a technical reading group on AI Safety, and other events including hackathons and socials.

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