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Big Data is the new big thing. The extraction of knowledge from large sources of information provides powerful insights into the workings of the world. Being an interdisciplinary study, Data Science has its roots and applications in many areas of knowledge, including natural science, medicine and engineering, to name a few. Corporate businesses are able to sustain profitable margins and maintain a competitive edge by analyzing data trends and effectively applying the principles of Data Science. Indeed, the future has an investment in Big Data and the times ahead are exciting.

The Imperial College Data Science Society (ICDSS) is an opportunity for students to engage with and learn about Data Science and Big Data. In short, the society’s aims include:

1) Creating awareness amongst the student body regarding the scope and potential of Data Science.
2) Provide training in essential Data Science topics to the student community.
3) Creating an impact for the student body and the wider community through the application of Data Science.
4) Providing a platform for interaction between Imperial students, society members and industry.

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