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Cross Country and Athletics is Imperial's running and athletics club for competition, fitness and fun. We host activities every day of the week including social club runs, track and field training, fitness and strength sessions and even free breakfasts! The club welcomes all members, from beginners to international athletes, and you'll quickly find friends and training partners amongst our huge membership. We run frequent trips away to races and tours throughout the year - including overseas! - and organise our own student relay race in Hyde Park with teams from around the country. Everyone is welcome to compete and train with the club, whether it be at the top end of competition against other Unis, beating your own best times or just taking part for the fun of it! ICXCACs depth and dedication earned us Sport Imperial's club of the year award for 2015, and we've gone and got nominated again for 2016 and 2018, as well as for 2 other individual awards! ICXCAC really is a club for everyone, from speedy sprinters to steady joggers and everything in between, so come along and give us a go!

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