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Do you know that one film you really wanted to watch but couldn't because things got hectic last term? Yeah, we have those too. Cinema is here with the solution!

Oh, you're also on a budget because student life in London is expensive? We have that covered too: our tickets are all under £4 per person per film (and you can get even better deals during our All-NighterTM (not an actual trademark please don't sue).

We offer professional quality screenings with our 33ft screen and 7-channel Dolby Digital EX surround sound.

We own both a digital projector and a Kinoton 35mm projector as well as having a homebrew 3D system, isn't that cool? We think it's cool. If you also think it's cool and are interested in learning how all of these cool gadgets work, please don't hesitate to contact us to join our projectionists team (and watch films for free)!

We are an ACTUAL CINEMA, that projects IN THEATER MOVIES twice a week on TUESDAY and THURSDAY (with exceptional Monday screenings this term).

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