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The Christian Union is a group of people who want to know Jesus Christ better and tell everyone about him. We welcome all people from all backgrounds, whatever they think of Jesus!

 As a society we want to give everyone at Imperial the opportunity to investigate the claims of Jesus, because we believe Jesus is relevant for all people throughout all time, including today at Imperial College!
 We run two kinds of events: those where we tell people about Jesus, or those where we help our members to tell people about Jesus. If you’re interested in the first kind of event, we run a range of regular weekly discussions on Friday lunchtimes and Monday evenings looking at life’s big questions, as well as extra events throughout the year. If the second option sounds like your cup of tea, we hold weekly meetings on Thursday evenings where we’re equipped to better proclaim Christ and him crucified. CU is not a substitute for a local church, rather a group from different churches united to make Jesus known on our campus. We unite around our doctrinal basis, which can be found at 

You can always contact us at if there's anything you want to ask!

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