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Do you even lift? Cheerleading is about getting strong, making friends, and, of course, having fun. If you thought cheer wasn't a physically demanding sport, think again!

The Imperial College Titans are a mixed male and female sports team and compete at a national level as well as performing at college events. The team routine involves stunting, tumbling (gymnastics), and dancing, and all skill levels are accommodated for. The team has one professionally coached session a week and an optional additional weekly strength and conditioning training.

Looking for the Imperial Gymnastics Society? There isn’t one! But we run weekly trips to gymnastics centres around London, some of which are open sessions and some that are coached! Previously we’ve gone to Harrow and Heathrow and we are hoping to try out even more this year!

2 years ago the Titans Level 2 team placed 2nd at ICC University Nationals, this year they placed 6th in a very competitive category. Previously we have also had group stunt teams which have earned 1st and 3rd place at Level 3. Attending competitions is not compulsory for all team members, with those who are unable to compete taking part in performances at college Varsity, as well as social events.

In addition to training, the team is very socially active with regular attendance at weekly sports socials, dinners and mixed socials with the Imperial Immortals American Football Team.

Our team probably defies most stereotypes you have about cheerleading, so come check us out!

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