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Welcome to the Imperial College Basketball Society!
Here, we are one big family, and we share the same love towards basketball. Imperial College Basketball team consists of seven teams, three competitive men’s teams, two competitive women’s teams and two recreational men’s teams. With varying levels of play and a wide variety of teams to choose from, we cater for all basketball abilities from beginners, intermediates, to experienced or even professional players, meaning you are guaranteed to play basketball whether it’s leisurely or competitively.
The Basketball society has also been very successful over the last few years, with Men’s 1st team being promoted to Division 1 in 2017, then going on to win the LUSL cup in 2018 and Women’s 1st winning the Les Parisiennes Sciences Po tournament on tour to Paris in 2017.
And if that’s not enough, we also have lots of basketball events throughout the year! Whether it’s the end of term tournaments, a team Thanksgiving meal, Christmas dinner or most importantly – the annual International tour, we have plenty of events to keep you away from the library. We then top off the year with Varsity, where last year we put up a rival match in the first ever Imperial-LSE Varsity.
So people, if you love basketball, follow our social media accounts, keep an eye out for our events and come join us!

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