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AusSoc is a relatively new society founded in 2013. We aim to unite Aussies and Aussie lovers alike and anybody with an interest in the Australian culture. Following the general perception of Straya, we are a pretty chill society with very much a community feel. We hold regular relaxed social events, including celebration of Australian Holidays and sports matches to casual BBQs. From brunch to fairy bread, vegemite to a proper coffee, we're perfect for anyone who's up for meeting new people and chilling over good food, in true Aussie fashion. So whether you're looking for a home away from home or just want to learn about a nation that has so much more to offer than holiday destinations, come join us at AusSoc. We're a friendly group of people who are welcoming to all! Aussie Aussie Aussie! P.S. Watch out for those drop bears

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