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ArtSoc provides students with a cheap and easy way to access some of the world's best performers in the famous West End. Join our society to come watch them!
Plays, musicals, comedy performances, concerts and other cultural events - a chance to absorb the rich arts culture in London! Don't let the price stop you from immersing yourself in this rich culture, for just a £5.00 membership, ArtSoc will solve your problem. Here at ArtSoc, we aim to enrich you culturally without impoverishing you financially. The ArtSoc committee finds the best student and group discounts rates so that you can buy tickets for a huge variety of performances at low prices you won't be able to find anywhere else. We also organise day trips during the London festivals, giving you the opportunity to enjoy performances, art and fashion from other world cultures and arrange visits abroad. Also, check out our annual ArtSoc International Tour which promises to be affordable for students on a tight budget without missing out on all the best attractions that the cities have to offer. ArtSoc is definitely the best way to meet your fellow culture vultures!

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