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ICAS is dedicated to J-culture. We're also the place to go if you're into light novels, cosplay, and figurines. Whether you have only seen some as a kid and want to see what it's like now, or if you have a collection that rivals the most fanatical of us, we have something for you. We are a very active group, with anime screenings biweekly, where we show a variety of films and series, from the most beloved of Ghibli films to obscure gems hidden in the vault. But we don't just watch, we're also a very social society. Come learn how to draw manga, play games such as Mahjong and generally socialise at our weekly Wednesday sessions. If you buy membership, not only do you have access to our library that boasts over 500 items, but you also receive discounts for convention tickets such as MCM Comic Con, which we frequent as well as other social outings. We look forward to seeing you, and check out our Facebook group and website for more information!

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