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Nervous about Uni, or feeling a bit overwhelmed? Not quite sure if you fit in quite yet? From a state school or institution? Then welcome to the 93% Club! ** NEW FOR 2021/22! ** In 2016, University of Bristol student Sophie Pender realised that, at University, the hard part wasn't getting in, it was fitting in. Looking the part, sounding the part, and knowing the right people were all things Sophie realised were milestones to being accepted, understood and - most importantly - being successful. And so the 93% Club initiative was born! A place for state-educated students to meet and connect with others from similar backgrounds, as well as access careers and networking events that help to level the playing field for state schoolers. The 93% Club Imperial is just one branch of this initiative, with others existing at other London Universities such as LSE, UCL and King's, and as far as Oxford, Liverpool and Glasgow! Throughout your time at Imperial College, as a member of 93Club Imperial, you will get to know people like you, learn from them - and from the events we put on - but ultimately, have a community to turn to for support. So come and get involved with 93Club Imperial, because if you feel like you don't have a clue what's going on, neither do the rest of us! !!! - Although the society is targeted toward state-educated students, all are welcome to join our events, irrespective of educational background - !!!

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