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As of March, we became a society for the first time at Imperial College London. We’re excited to be introducing ourselves in an upcoming launch event within the next few weeks.

Whether you’re a novice to trading or a veteran Quant we welcome all to be part of the society. If you want to learn more about simple trading strategies or more complicated statistical arbitrage of stocks, the society hopes to bring students closer to learning and developing their understanding and application of algorithms in a financially driven context.

We hope to introduce a machine learning lecture series in Python in the following academic year.

Alongside this, we will be hosting weekly live trading sessions led by a PhD Computer Scientist. The first hour will consist of theory being taught and demonstrations of implementing the algorithms. The second hour will consist of live trading and group discussions regarding the market's behavior. We hope to build a community of Algo traders that can help improve one another.

We will also be holding an annual Datathon - more detail to be released soon...

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