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Contrary to public belief, Scandinavia is not all about blonde, blue-eyed ABBA-worshiping people living in symbiosis with polar bears. Although this is partially true, not all Scandinavians have blue eyes! The Scandinavian Society aims to act as a meeting-point both for Scandinavians at Imperial College, anyone interested in Scandinavian culture/values, or just anyone wanting to take part in any of our amazing events. Over the year, we aim to arrange dinners, lecture nights, charity fundraising events, and 'cultural' events. And of course, we are always open to suggestions from our members. Another important aim of ours is to establish a dialogue between our members and the Scandinavian industrial/financial/professional presence in the UK. We will achieve this by inviting influential Scandinavians living/acting in the UK to hold lectures and 'motivational' talks to our members. This will further provide a basis for building a strong network, both within and outside Imperial, during your time here as a student. If you have any questions about the society and its motives, or would just like to have a chat with us, please drop by our stall at the Freshers' Fair. We look forward to seeing you there!

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