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Parkour and free running, it's that thing where you see those ''crazy'' people leaping across buildings or running away from James Bond. And you know it looks amazing. Well there's some good news! You don't actually have to be crazy to do it and it's actually a lot of fun and easy to learn. Gymnasts combine balance, strength, flexibility to perform amazing skills and routines. But no experience is needed to join the club: a lot of our members are complete beginners! We are collaborating with the UCL gymnastics society to provide joint trainings and (more importantly) joint socials !! We hold regular trainig sessions at Talacre Community Sports Centre, a fully equipped gymnastics center with all pieces of apparatus: floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, high bar, uneven bars and beams. Whether you're a seasoned traceur/freerunner/gymnast willing to compete or a complete novice just looking to pick up some new skills, the Parkour, Freerunning & Gymnastics society is for you! You will receive full training and instruction in a safe, controlled environment by expert coaches. We have a bunch of dedicated members who are looking forward to train (and have socials) with you!

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