Hockey Womens (Medics)

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If you enjoy fun and playing hockey with friends then ICSM Ladies Hockey is the club for you. Pop by our stall at Freshers Fair to say hi!
Do you want to have the most fun? Would you like to go on the best tours, make the greatest friends, and do all this whilst playing some fantastic sport? Then ICSM Ladies Hockey Club is the club for you! Whether you are a medic/non-medic; hockey Olympian or hockey virgin; looking for a new commitment or just something to keep fit, we want you! To kick off the season we join forces with the Men''s Hockey Club, on the notorious weekend tour to Oxford. A little hockey is accompanied by a lot of laughs. With club bonding complete the season really begins ... Every Wednesday we field 3 teams of varying abilities, and everybody is guaranteed a game. We also have a more relaxed Saturday morning squad when anybody from any team can play, a great way to pick up tips from experienced members. Off the pitch we celebrate our wins and commiserate our (few!) losses with incredible fancy dress, booze bowling and team dinners. There really is something for everyone. Other highlights of the year are the infamous Christmas Dinner and the black-tie end of season dinner. ICSM Ladies Hockey can offer you as much or as little sport as you like but it guarantees a great time!

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