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ICSM Women's football is happy to welcome all who wish to have fun and play a bit of football. We welcome all abilities and levels with room for both competitive and social players. Established in 2016 we already have 40 proud members and are certain to continue growing in the years to come. We compete in LUSL matches every Sunday, a UH tournament, Varsity and a NAMs tournament with mens football throughout the year.

Not only do we play a great game of football we are also a force to be reckoned with at social events and in academia. We are a proud presence at Wednesday sports nights and have many socials including curries, brunches, bowling, a black tie dinner with the lovely mens football, our own Christmas dinner and our yearly tour! Lookout for our 2018 May Day Bop, for the enjoyment of the whole medical school.

We want to support our members in any way possible so are proud of our social and academic support. We offer educational support through tutorials to all our members and help in anyway we can.

So if you want a club that will promise you great fun, spirit and support then choose ICSM Women's football!

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