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IMWFC was Established in 2016, we are a club with a difference. We are fierce, fiery and friendly. In 2018 we were awarded club of the year and you can definitely see why. The competitive team competes in LUSL, UH, BUCS, Varsity and NAMS. There is plenty of football to play. The social players have regular trainings, it is chilled but no less fun. Whether you are a serious sportswoman, have never kicked a ball or never want to kick a ball - WE WELCOME EVERYONE ! IMWFC are not just football, our socials rival many clubs - Brunches, cocktails, bowling, laser-tag our year is filled with FUN. Our sports nights are the highlight of everyone’s week. We also have non-drinking socials regularly to allow everyone to get involved! Along with all these events we also have two mini tours in the year: Girls Tour and NAMS. Both tours are equally amazing. The best weekends of your life trust! IMWFC are not only skilled in football and socialising but we're brainy as well! We provide our girls with plenty of academic support - with regular tutorials, mocks and also an entire note bank filled to the brim with notes! Passing those exams will be a breeze with the help from your academic aunts! If you want to play football, attend incredibly fun events all year round, receive all the notes you could possibly want and make friends for life then IMWFC will be your home away from home. Join IMWFC!!!

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