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IMWFC was established in 2016 and are already ‘Club of the Year 2018!’ We are a fierce, fiery and friendly club that cannot be missed !!

IMWFC is made up of two teams.
The competitive team competes in LUSL, UH tournament, Varsity and NAMs - plenty of Football to be played!
The social team has regular training and friendlies throughout the year.
Whether you are a serious sportswoman, have never kicked a ball or never want to- WE WELCOME EVERYONE !!!!

IMWFC are not just football. With brunches, bowling, laser tag our year is filled with SO MUCH FUN.
Our sports nights are a highlight of everyone’s week and with joint black tie events such as ‘Football Dinner’ with the men’s FC, we can go from kits to classy in a flash.
We also have non-drinking socials regularly to include everyone!

Along with all these events we also have two tours: Girls and NAMs. They are the best weekends of your life, trust us!

IMWFC also provide our girls with plenty of academic support - revision lectures, tutorials, mock PACE’s, OSCE’s and a Notebank filled to the brim, passing those exams will be a breeze!

IMWFC is a massive family and here to support you; if ever there’s a problem, you can come to us!!!

So if you want a club where you can play some football, has incredibly fun events, have all the support you need and are the epitome of ICSM Spirit - Join Us !!

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