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E.quinox is a student-led humanitarian organisation at Imperial College London with the objective of uplifting rural Rwandan communities through research and technological innovation. Comprising of students from diverse backgrounds and courses, we embrace our collaborative roots and combined skillset to create sustainable and affordable solutions to some of the poorest communities in the world. With a wide range of projects, ranging from hydroelectric kiosk to off-grid washing machines, you will be exposed to a whole new range of knowledge that you cannot get in a lecture hall. Go ahead and take your pick! If none of those projects are for you, you can start your own! Most importantly, we also hold annual expeditions to Rwanda to implement our solutions locally. Our organisation is in its 12th year and some of our notable achievements include providing electricity to over 400 households in Rwanda and Tanzania. We have successfully deployed our first off grid washing machine during summer 2019. Over the years, our members have manufactured battery boxes and upgraded our existing hydro-kiosk to provide real-time data to us back in London. However, it’s not only just about engineering, business and marketing! If you want to learn some new skills, discover a close-knit community and use your knowledge to change the world, we welcome you!

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