Slips, Trips and Falls Policy

Imperial College Union is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its members, staff, customers, suppliers, visitors, and all others who may be affected by its activities and is committed to providing a safe place of work and is committed to meeting the requirements of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (MHSWR) and the Health and Safety (Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.

1. Definition

"Slip, trip or fall" is the collective term for a process, which has slipping and tripping being the near miss stage of a fall. The outcome of the event may result in harm or no harm.

It is Union's Policy to:

ICU recognises that slipping, tripping, and falling accidents in its spaces and activates can result in serious injury. ICU is committed to trying to reduce the number of these accidents and the consequent suffering and other losses that follow them by:

  • carrying out of suitable and sufficient risk assessments on slips, trips and falls hazards;
  • regular review of these risk assessments;
  • the management and control of the risks from slips, trips, and falls hazards.

2. Responsibilities

  • ICU Board of Trustees

    The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 places a statutory duty on organisations to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, the safety, health, and welfare of its employees at work and other people who may be affected by their activities, e.g., membership, volunteers, members of the public.  

    The Board of Trustees, as the governing body of the Union, has overall and final responsibility for Health and Safety matters within the Union, and for ensuring that Health and Safety legislation is complied with. 

  • Managing Director (MD)

    The Trustee Board has devolved day-to-day responsibility for Health, Safety and Welfare to the Managing Director.  

    The MD, and those acting on their behalf, will ensure: 

    • Ensure that adequate arrangements are in place to achieve compliance with the policy; 

    • MD delegates responsibility for undertaking aspects of these duties through line management & identified roles. 

  • Senior Leadership Team

    The Managing Director will delegate to the membership of the leadership team the following responsibility:  

    • Monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of Health and Safety activities and the Union's Health and Safety Policy and associated policies and procedures, and for ensuring that, at the strategic level, performance standards and timescales are adhered to;  

    • Chairing the Students' Union's Health and Safety Committee and ensuring it has the time, facilities and resources to carry out its business effectively;  

    • Keeping under review this Health and Safety Policy and the Health and Safety performance of the Students' Union. 

  • Facilities, Health, and Safety Manger (FHSM)

    The FHSM is appointed by the MD to undertake the following: 

    • bringing this policy to the attention of staff within their area of responsibility;   

    • carrying out or arranging for the carrying out of suitable and sufficient risk assessments on preventing slips, trips and falls; and any revisions to these assessments; 

    • Ensure that ICU staff adhere to Imperial College London Code of Practice of Slips, Trips and Falls. 

  • Imperial College Union Line Managers

    Health and Safety is a delegated line management responsibility requiring managers to undertake operational Health and Safety duties identified in this policy. Imperial College Union Line Managers to undertake the following:    

    • Lead by example by following policies and CoP challenging inappropriate behaviour and dealing with issues regarding slips and trips; 

    • Investigate Slip, Trip and Fall accidents and near misses, these should be investigated with a view to establishing all possible contributory causes; 

    • encourage all staff and students to take personal action to reduce the risk of slips and trips as far as possible; 

    • All relevant staff are made aware of the risk assessment and what is expected of them; 

    • Ensure that ICU staff adhere to Imperial College London Code of Practice of Slips, Trips and Falls. 

  • ICU Staff

    Individual members of staff, students and visitors have a legal duty to co-operate and comply at all times with the ICU Health and Safety Policy, instruction and training provided. Staff are responsible for:  

    • If you have an accident or a near miss, make sure you report it promptly, to ensure that future accidents are avoided;  

    • If you see spillage, clean it up or arrange for it to be cleaned; 

    • Report any damaged floors or mats; 

    • Play your part and keep the workplace tidy;  

    • If you see items on the floor where someone could trip over them, remove them, or arrange for them to be removed or for the situation to be made safe;  

    • If you are given Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), wear it and look after it;  

    • Report any faults or damage and make arrangements for a replacement;  

    • Tell line manager about any work situation that you think is dangerous, or if you notice that something has gone wrong with their health and safety arrangements.

  • Imperial College London

    The Students' Union, whilst an independent charity in its own right, is an integral part of the Imperial College community and could not exist without the College. The Union and College work in partnership to ensure that adequate measures are in place to ensure health, safety and welfare within the Union. The Union is committed to working with the Imperial College London Safety department and where appropriate, ensuring that the Union's Health and Safety Policy, Codes of Practice and arrangements are in accordance with the College Health and Safety Policy, Codes of Practice and arrangements.  

    The Union is in an unusual position in that whilst Union staff work directly for the Students' Union their contracts of employment are with the College. Whilst the Union accepts its duty of care and responsibilities, the College also has a duty to ensure, and support, the safe management and operation of the Students' Union. 

Review date: March 2025