Royal College of Science Union

The Royal College of Science Union is one of the three faculty unions at Imperial College. Broadly speaking if you’re not an Engineer or a Medic then you’re one of us!!! Membership is automatic but you can be as involved or uninvolved as you like! The RCSU is here to support and represent students on education and welfare issues, we can be found in our new office on the walkway (next to the climbing wall!) The RCSU aims to integrate its students; we host lots of parties and events, especially in fresher’s week, and these are a great way to meet new friends. Spectacular events from last year included many a pub crawl, the science challenge, the lecturer’s quiz, the centenary party at the Ritz, many a successful club night in trendy London locations (at student prices) and of course we raised lots of money for charity! The RCSU has its very own publication – The Broadsheet – to keep you updated with scientists’ news and to give you some entertainment during lectures! For more information about the RCSU or to find out how you can get involved please email us!