First Aid at Work Policy

Imperial College Union is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its members, staff, customers, suppliers, visitors, and all others who may be affected by its activities and recognises the importance and recognises its responsibility under The Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 (amended) which places a duty on employers to provide adequate first aid equipment, facilities, and personnel to their employees.

In addition to adhering to the Imperial College London College First Aid at Work policy and guidance, the Union will have additional first aid provision for certain activity. The additional provision will be determined by first aid needs assessment for activity and events.

While the obligation under these Regulations is directed at workers, Imperial College Union is committed to providing adequate first aid personnel, equipment, and facilities to deal with ill health and injuries to students, staff, visitors, contractors, and members of the public while on Imperial College Union property.

1. Definition

First aid is the immediate assistance given to individuals who have been injured or become unwell in the workplace. First Aid at Work (FAW) and Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) are the first-line assessment and treatment of physical injuries and sudden ill health. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the first-line assessment and support given to people experiencing poor mental health.

It is the Union's policy that:

  • On all Imperial College Union spaces, there are enough trained personnel, equipment, and information available to ensure that someone competent in basic first aid techniques can rapidly attend an incident during normal working hours or outside normal hours when a building is regularly occupied.
  • The Union will ensure that a FAW qualified first aider is always available during operational hours of ICU commercial bars and venues
  • Appropriate first aid arrangements based on risk assessment are made for staff and students engaged in fieldwork activities.
  • Undertake a First Aid Needs Assessments to include provision for Mental Health First Aid.

2. Responsibilities 

  • ICU Board of Trustees

    The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 places a statutory duty on organisations to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, the safety, health, and welfare of its employees at work and other people who may be affected by their activities, e.g., membership, volunteers, members of the public.

    The Board of Trustees, as the governing body of the Union, has overall and final responsibility for Health and Safety matters within the Union, and for ensuring that Health and Safety legislation is complied with.

  • Managing Director (MD)

    The Trustee Board has devolved day-to-day responsibility for Health, Safety and Welfare to the Managing Director. The MD, and those acting on their behalf, will ensure:

    • Ensure that adequate arrangements are in place to achieve compliance with the policy.
    • MD delegates responsibility for undertaking aspects of these duties through line management & identified roles.
    • The MD must appoint a First Aid Coordinator (FAC) to organise first aid within the Union. The FAC must be allowed protected time, authority, and support to fulfil their responsibilities.
  • Senior Leadership Team

    The Managing Director will delegate to the membership of the leadership team the following responsibility:

    • Monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of Health and Safety activities and the Union's Health and Safety Policy and associated policies and procedures, and for ensuring that, at the strategic level, performance standards and timescales are adhered to.
    • Chairing the Students' Union's Health and Safety Committee and ensuring it has the time, facilities and resources to carry out its business effectively.
    • Keeping under review this Health and Safety Policy and the Health and Safety performance of the Students' Union.
  • Facilities, Health and Safety Manger (FHSM)

    The FHSM is appointed by the MD to undertake the following:

    • Act as the Unions First Aid Coordinator (FAC) and will be responsible for:
      • Documenting and periodically reviewing the department's assessment of First Aid Monitoring numbers of first aiders so sufficient suitably trained first aiders are available
      • Communicating changes to arrangements with first aiders
      • Organising, stocking and replenishment of first aid supplies
      • Maintaining up-to-date notices on the local first aid arrangements (FAW and MHFA)
      • Liaising with the ICU H&S Committee, College's Safety department and, where appropriate, Building Managers on first aid issues.
    • Advising on appropriate levels of provision of first aiders for the Union
    • Imperial College Union, Facilities, Health and Safety Manager is responsible for ensuring First Aid arrangements for offsite activities as part of the risk assessment process.
    • Organising training for the Union first aiders:
      • Maintenance of FAW and EFAW Training Records of courses organised by College People and Organisational Development
      • Organising recall of first aiders for refresher training
      • Maintaining lists of departmental coordinators.
  • Imperial College Union Line Managers

    Health and Safety is a delegated line management responsibility requiring managers to undertake operational Health and Safety duties identified in this policy. Imperial College Union Line Managers to undertake the following:

    • Lead by example by following policies and challenging inappropriate behaviours, should check that staff have received information and encourage them encourage new staff to read and follow the guidance provided.
    • As part of the risk assessment and first aid needs assessment process Imperial College Union Line Managers will ensure that suitable and appropriate First Aid arrangements are in place for all CSP's offsite activities.
    • All Union events (for example, Summer Ball, Fresher's Fair etc.) should ensure arrangements for First Aid comply with Health and Safety Executive HSG 195 and meet with College requirements
    • Ensure that when external parties book or hire Union spaces, those responsible for hiring out must ensure that the responsibilities for the provision of first aid are clearly agreed and understood.
  • ICU Staff

    Individual members of staff, students and visitors have a legal duty to co-operate and comply at all times with the ICU Health and Safety Policy, instruction and training provided. Staff and students are responsible for:

    • seek assistance from Campus Security or a local First-aider in all cases of injury or sudden illness on College and Union premises.
    • All staff should ensure that they are aware of who the first aiders are in the area where they normally work or are based, and how they can be contacted.
  • ICU First-aiders are responsible for:
    • Responding promptly to calls for assistance
    • Providing support within their competence
    • Summoning further help, if necessary
    • Reporting details of treatment provided
    • Keeping up to date on first aid related issues in their department
    • Alerting First Aid Coordinator on use of consumable items
  • Mental Health First-aiders (MHFAiders® ) are responsible for:
    • Responding promptly to calls for assistance within their area
    • Providing support within their competence
    • Summoning further help, if necessary
    • Registering details of conversations in line with confidentiality guidelines
    • Maintaining MHFA competence as specified by MHFA England

Further Information

In addition to adhering to the College First Aid at Work policy, the Union will also adhere to the College policy guidance.

Review date: March 2025