Happy (belated) New Year!


Well hello there! 

Yes, it has been 5 months since I last wrote a Presidential blog post…. so my New Year’s resolution is to write more blog posts (Jennie “Queen of blogging” Watson is very happy about this)! I know how important it is to keep you all updated with what I am getting up to, so I hope you have been keeping a keen eye on my twitter feed. If not, this post should give a decent summary of the past 5 months or so and the objectives/manifesto pledges I have in the works.

To start off with I hope you all had a fantastic first term and a relaxing Christmas break. I for one spent the first week of January skiing in Les Arcs (hence the cover photo), with two of my fellow Officer Trustees, Ben and Jennie; as part of the Snowsports Ski Tour - it was superb! 

Last term, was exceptionally busy as I’m sure it was for a lot of you. In between carrying out lots of operational day-to-day tasks and meetings as well as doing some cool things like opening the Undergraduate Graduation ceremonies, I’ve been working on a lot of my manifesto pledges and objectives alongside picking up some extra goals along the way. My five main goal areas are Housing, CSPs, Union App, Women and Community (you can see these in more detail via the PDF document by clicking here). Below is a list of a few things I have achieved or currently working towards: 


  • Connecting and collaborating with Move’m (a Landlord accreditation and housing rating website). 
  • Involved in the process of implementing a College run Guarantor Scheme (project being led and paper written by Jennie DPW). 
  • Attended Citizens UK workshops regarding the London housing asks ‘London Living Rent’ and ‘Rogue Landlords’ for the London Mayoral Election debate. In the process of investigating membership with the organisation, to benefit our members by being involved with their projects and campaigns.
  • Involvement with the organisation and execution of the upcoming Private Housing Evening.


  • Have supported and assisted several clubs and societies with their sponsorship applications.
  • Currently in primary planning stages of a sponsorship fair.

Union App

  • Investigated external organisations to build a Union app (idea rejected).
  • Gathered feedback on the idea of a Union App via a survey distributed to the students. Ideas range from ticketing system to app version of e-activities. 
  • Currently organising a focus group to take the app idea and further develop it.


  • Been involved with many outreach related events, aiming to encourage girls into STEM. These have included speaking or being a panelist at several events, for example Greenlight4girls and STEMettes. 
  • In collaboration with College, organising the Women@Imperial week over International Women’s Day.
  • Was involved with the HeForShe UK Tour at Imperial, including organisation of volunteers, acted as master of ceremonies and speaking on the panel. 
  • Sit on and involved in the Gender Institutional Steering Group research.


  • Successfully organised a ‘Royal Mixer’ with the President of the Royal College of Music, for students from the RCM, Royal College of Art and Royal Veterinary College.
  • Connecting with the Alumni team to foster tighter relationships between current students and alumni.
  • In the process of organising a ‘Celebration of Culture’ event alongside the International Liberation Officer.


  • Welcomed all new students during International Orientation Week and Welcome Week via talks, mingling and stands.
  • Assisted with club officer and #helloicu crew training.
  • Opened the new Woodward Hall
  • Graduated and opened all three Commemoration ceremonies!
  • Met the President of China alongside some fantastically talented students.
  • Sit on the Mental Health Steering Group 
  • Fostering good relationships with the business school
  • Involved in the feedback and improvement of the ICT platform Starfish
  • Part of the interview and selection panel for the new Vice-Provost (Education)
  • Communicating seasonal student safety and security messages.
  • Discussing proposals to introduce a lecture free ‘Week Zero’.
  • Currently in the recruitment stages for a new Managing Director of Imperial College Union.
  • Part of the panel for the Future Student Services review.
  • Undergoing research and development of the new Union Strategy 2016-19.


If you would like to find out more about this list in detail, you can do so via my reports to the Board of Trustees and Union Council, by clicking here

With my new found appetite for Union blogging, you’ll be able to track my progress towards achieving my objectives. Please feel free to drop me an email or tweet me if you have any questions/feedback/ideas/thoughts - I would love to hear them!

I hope all exams are going well and you have had a great start to 2016!

All the best,






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