5 Reasons to Vote: London Mayor Edition

Deputy President (Welfare)

I’m all too aware of the importance of voting and exercising my democratic rights. Firstly, it’s how I got my job, secondly, I firmly take the stance that Emily Wilding Davison did not throw herself under a horse for me to squander my rights 100 years later. For those of you who aren’t convinced that voting important, feel free to come up to the office for an essential part of your education, alternatively you can keep reading for 5 quick reasons to vote in the London Mayoral Elections on Thursday May 5.

1. Housing

The London Mayor is responsible for developing, producing and implementing a housing strategy to meet the needs of London’s population (that’s you guys). This can include anything from homelessness and overcrowding, to quality assurance in the private sector, cracking down on rogue landlords, and providing affordable housing.

2.  Transport

The Mayor develops and transport strategy which is then implemented by TfL. If you want your commute experience to improve, vote for the candidate you think will implement the changes you want to see to the transport system.

3. Environment

The Mayor develops strategies to address London’s environmental issue. This can include air quality and pollution, noise, and parks and green spaces. Think about what you want and vote for the candidate who will deliver that. Have a look at the manifestos and see if Sadiq and Zac are offering initiatives to reduce pollution in your borough for example.

4. Culture

The Mayor is responsible for developing and implementing a culture strategy for the arts and creative industries. Maybe you’re tired of seeing iconic music venues in London get shut down, maybe there’s a candidate with a stance on that.

5. You can’t moan about the Mayor if you don’t vote

This may come across as tough love, but I will not listen to any complaining about what the Mayor is doing from anyone who didn’t bother to vote on May 5th. It’s ticking boxes, it’s not like it takes a huge amount of effort on your part.

Have your say in the future of our city. Register to vote by April 18.

You can read manifestos for the major candidates here:

Labour candidate Sadiq Khan 

Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith






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