Goodbye...sort of

Deputy President (Finance & Services)

It has been a super couple of years, but now I say goodbye. To the Union at least, as I now start a new adventure over the road at College.

It has been my pleasure to serve for two years. Imperial students are unique, the campus is unique, and what the Union offers is unique. The Union will continue to flourish as long as it is student-facing, doesn't get too big for its boots, and crucially doesn't go anywhere near the NUS!

While day-to-day operational stuff has taken up a lot of my time, it certainly hasn't been for nothing. I have helped students daily, occasionally even the minibus-less at weekends, and it has been a privilege to do so.

During my time here I have also: Introduced an alcohol-free night for Under-18s, introduced Hall Room Swaps as a College policy, helped students who are parents to get a better deal at College, successfully battled for a better food offering at the Union, and now I can say that Gift Aid is possible for donations to the Union! To name but a few.

My time at the Union has been supported by many, but in particular Becca Coxhead. I would like to thank her immensely.







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