Equipment & Services

Equipment & Services

When organising your event, you will not be alone. Our team will provide you with help in any area of your event. All you have to do is mention one of the below in your event enquiry form

Services List

Event Crew Production Equipment
Porters Small Portable PA
Stewards  Speakers
Bar Staff/ Mixologists  House PA 
Security Teams  Backline
Sound and Light Technicians Full Sound Equipment
DJs Lighting
Sound Engineers Lapel Microphones
Lighting Designers Wireless Microphones
  Projectors and Screen
Theming/ Creative Design Extra Equipment 
Consultations Guest Swipe Cards
Napkins/ Serviettes  HDMI/ VGA Cables
Flower Arrangements Flipchart & Pens
Centre Piece Design Lectern
Lighting Design  
Back Drops *  
Table Cloths  

 * Specific to Metric space only

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