Union Minibus Hire

The union operates a fleet of minibuses available for hire to all clubs, societies and projects. These vehicles are managed by Imperial College Union to provide an affordable service to any student activities needing transport for trips, tours or competitions. All minibus hires must be associated with a recognised CSP or college department for insurance purposes.  

Who can book a minibus?

Please note, that you must be a core committee member - Chair/President, Vice-Chair/President, Treasurer, Secretary or a team Captain in order to request minibuses via e-Activities, as your request constitutes a financial commitment on behalf of your Club, Society or Project. 

If you are requesting a minibus for a College department or Department Research Group, you can head to this page to find out more about bookings. 

Preparing to hire a minibus

If you are a club, society or project looking to hire a minibus, you must submit requests through your e-Activities account. Before submitting your request, please ensure you have the following:  

  • Confirmed dates of your activity. 

  • Union approved driver(s) responsible for driving the vehicle. 

  • Size of vehicle required. 

  • Submitted the relevant event / trip forms or annual activity proposal form.
  • Location is important. All of our minibuses can be driven around the UK. If you wish to take a minibus to Europe, there is a range of further guidance you must consider before booking. Please see below. 
  • Further Information About Driving In Europe

    Currently the Union has two minibuses which can be taken to other European Union countries – they have 9 seats and a large amount of loading space for equipment. You must have at least 2 drivers if you are taking a minibus to Europe. 

    Restrictions on driving minibuses in Europe are different to those in the UK and you must contact the Student Activities minibuses team before considering taking a Union minibus abroad. This should be done as far in advance as possible and bookings can be confirmed further in advance then the normal 2 weeks. The bookings for the minibuses are done in the usual way (via eActivities).

    There are different regulations for each country in Europe so check that you have all the necessary information and for each county. If you are considering taking a minibus to a country outside of the European Union then please contact the Student Activities minibuses team as far in advance as possible.

Submitting your minibus request

Allocation of minibuses

Users may request as many minibuses as they feel they need at the time. Requests are held in the order in which they are received. While every effort will be made to satisfy all requests there are often not enough minibuses available to meet the demand at any given time. If the supply of minibuses is insufficient to meet all requests, allocations of minibuses are made according to dates submitted and demand for the vehicle.