Student Experience Survey Response 2014

The Student Experience Survey seeks to understand students’ opinions on life at Imperial beyond lecture theatres or labs. This report considers the findings of the survey, making recommendations where applicable. This is also a valuable opportunity for Imperial College Union to commend services which are working well and celebrate their successes.

This year the survey ran from December 2013 – January 2014 with an overall response rate of around 20%. All students were able to take part in this survey (with the exception of final year Undergraduate students).  Of those students who completed the survey 49% were Undergraduates, 28% were Postgraduates (Taught) and 23% Postgraduates (Research).

Our hope is that these results can form a framework to improve the student experience at Imperial College London. Both Imperial College Union and Imperial College London are committed to ensuring these recommendations are acted upon.

Download a PDF of the Student Experience Survey Response here.



This is our second annual Student Experience Survey response.

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