UK General Election 2017

Imperial College Union encourages its members to be responsible citizens and be active in the national democratic process.

Elections are a rare opportunity for students to exercise their civic rights, and the snap election in June gives us the opportunity to make the voice of young people heard! Youth turnout rates in UK General Elections have been steadily declining over the past two decades, so it is now more important than ever to ensure you are both registered to vote by Monday 22nd May, and ensure your opinion is counted by turning out to vote in the UK General Election 2017 on Thursday 8th June.

So, in order to cast your vote,  you need to be registered . If you are a resident in the UK you may be able to register at either your term-time address or your home address.

Can I vote?




Can you answer 'YES' to both of the following?

  • Are you from the UK, the EU, or the  Commonwealth  ?
  • Are you over 18 on 22 May 2017?

Then you are eligible to vote.

If you want to get ahead and register, head to  to get started. 

Am I registered?




You can call the Electoral Services department of your local council to check whether you are registered. The following four boroughs each contain one or more wards with over 200 Imperial student residents:




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