Officer Trustees 2018/19


Deputy President (Finance & Services)


Hi I’m Alex and this year I am your Deputy President (Finance & Services). 

I’ve been at Imperial for both my undergraduate and post graduate studies starting off in 2006 with MSci Physics and carrying on in the Institute of Chemical Biology for an MRes and then a PhD which I hope to complete soon after the end of my Sabbatical year. 

As such I've seen a lot of what the union has to offer. I've been particularly involved with Clubs and Societies chairing three clubs spread across sports, recreation and social activities as well as last year taking on a fresh challenge of chairing the Arts and Entertainments Management Group. In addition I've worked as casual bar staff, most recently at our new Post Graduate Venue; H-Bar.

The role mostly involves oversight of the Union's finances, venues, entertainment events where I'll work closely with the commercial services, finance and activities teams to make sure the students have a voice in what we get up to as a union.  This particularly involves our provision of live events and our main entertainments events such as the Summer Ball as well as more regular events such as club night’s pub quizzes and society events such as We are Metric Nights.

I’ll also be helping with our new accreditation scheme for all our volunteer roles: Imperial Plus which launched last year as well as taking an active role in Club and Society Finances. Some of the main things I want to achieve this year include getting more sponsorship for clubs and really taking a step forwards with getting live music and events to happen in our club (Metric).

This year should be great for Imperial College Union and hopefully (with some hard work) we can get a lot accomplished for all our students. We are your student voice, so don’t hesitate to come and let us know what we should be saying.



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