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Best Feedback

Excellence in feedback is characterised by:

  • Constructive commentary
  • Accessibility of staff members to explain or expand upon feedback
  • Timely return of assessed coursework.

2017: The winner is...

Dr Christopher John, Faculty of Medicine 

Christopher John

Although Dr Chris John is rarely the marker of my assignments, he is the tutor I always ask for help whenever I have questions related to the feedback i get. He is extremely busy, being the Head of the course, but he always finds the time to provide as detailed feedback as possible and within very short time (the record is 5 hours!!!). His feedback is not only helpful in letting you know how your performance was, but also in providing suggestions on how to improve (i.e. what could have been done for a higher mark - everybody wants to know this), which not many staff members include. I honestly think that his constructive comments and ideas on how to improve helped me develop better science skills over the past years.

Past Winners

David Thomas Paul Mitcheson
2016: Dr David Thomas, Electrical & Electronic Engineering 2015: Dr Paul Mitcheson, Electrical & Electronic Engineering
2014 Feedback winner 2013 Feedback winner
2014: Dr Jane Saffell, Faculty of Medicine 2013: Dr Rebecca Bell, Earth Science & Engineering

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