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Community Connections aims to increase the number of students that volunteer by connecting them to opportunities outside of Imperial. Volunteering provides a great opportunity to develop both personal and professional skills and to gain valuable experiences. In addition to the individual benefits of volunteering, the impact and positive difference that can be made to the community is huge! 

With over 100 partners advertising a wide range of volunteering opportunities with us, students are sure to find a role that is right for them. We work with community organisations, local authorities, national, and international charities and are keen to continue to grow our network of partners and variety of roles on offer in line with our values and the needs of our students. 

If you would like to advertise your volunteering opportunities through Community Connections, please email us at

We are always looking for one off volunteering events when you need a group of volunteers to get a job done. This would be marketed as a "one off volunteering opportunity" and is a great way to get student volunteers help you get something done and see what your organisation is all about.

As a partner, you receive a profile page with your logo (760px x 288px) and a brief overview of what you do. Our staff will update your page(s) if you email specific information to This profile will also a have a list of the roles you are currently recruiting for. 

You will be asked to let us know which Imperial students are volunteering with you so that they can take part in our Volunteer Recognition Scheme - Imperial Plus