Imperial Plus

Build your skills and take your development into your own hands with Imperial Plus.

Please note there are some changes to Imperial Plus from last year: We no longer offer the functionality of logging your volunteering hours through Imperial Plus. We encourage you to log your activities through the Imperial Award system if you would like to keep track of the activities you are undertaking while at university. The assessment element of the Skills Development Programme is currently under review, while we are looking at different options that work for our diverse student body. More information will be released throughout this semester.

What is Imperial Plus? 

Imperial Plus is your Union run development programme, helping you to learn and implement key skills and building your potential as a leader. By engaging in our interactive workshops delivered by an amazing team of student trainers, you'll explore skills related to leadership alongside your peers.

Our sessions have been designed in collaboration with the Institute of Leadership and Management, ensuring that you receive a top quality educational experience. 


Imperial Plus workshops cover areas that are necessary to becoming an effective leader. In 2018/19 the workshop titles (subject to slight change) will be: 

Find out more about our workshops, and register to attend.

If you have any questions about Imperial Plus, please get in touch with a member of the team at