The Mystery Tour

Friday 17 February 2017 19:00 - 19:00
Social & Recreational

It will be the middle of February,
life will be harsh,
work will be hard
and London will be grim as usual.

You might want to escape...
You might want to throw away all your negative energy and restore your inner peace...
You just want to enjoy yourself, in a wilder way.
Then you don't want to miss this year's RAG MYSTERY TOUR!

Get on the bus (with friends and drinks, hopefully),
mingle with other people on the ride (who are probably as crazy as you -- and we are),
get off the bus at a random city (of course I know where it is),
go for a pub crawl and a clubbing night in one of the best quality clubs in the city,
and take a tour around the city the next day while collecting for charities (Cancer Research UK, ActionAid and British Heart Foundation).

A city untold,
bottles of alcohols waiting,
money to be raised
and friends to be made.
I know this is what you want,
or at least what you will want next year.

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