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We all have problems and concerns from time to time. The Advice Centre is here to help.

The Advice Centre is here to offer you advice and support on a wide range of issues and to help you make the right choices. 

The Advice Centre is here to advocate for you on all the issues mentioned below. The services provided are available to all students at Imperial College, and are free , confidential and independent of the College .

The Student Adviser works closely with the Deputy President (Education), the Deputy President (Welfare) and the Education & Welfare staff team to determine which issues are frequently affecting students, particularly in regards to problems with their courses and issues relating to postgraduate students. 

The Student Adviser is available in person, by phone or email, and can travel to other outer campuses if necessary to speak to students who need advice.

Some of the areas that the Advice Centre covers include:

  • Academic issues 
    Academic appeals, academic complaints, and general advice if you encounter problems with your studies or department

  • Accommodation
    Tenants' rights,deposit returns, repairs, unfair terms within contracts, tenancy agreement checking, and general advice on your rights

  • Money Advice
    Student funding advice, debt counselling, support in negotiating repayment plans, and budgeting

  • Employment
    Break entitlement, minimum wage, National Insurance Numbers and your rights as an employee

  • Consumer Rights 
    Returns, internet buying, distance selling and your statutory rights

  • International Student Issues 
    Fees, integration, homesickness, and local information*

  • Legal 
    Crime accusations, court summons, and referrals to specialist solicitors

  • Safety
    Personal safety, sexual health, physical health, mental health and alcohol and drug issues

This website offers general information on the areas that The Advice Centre covers. If you feel you need more help or information please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Advice Centre is your first port of call for all your welfare needs.


*Please note that the Advice Centre does not offer advice on visas for international students. For visa support, contact International Student Support.

Academic Issues
Money Advice
International Student Issues

The Advice Centre operates under a Confidentiality Policy and a Code of Standards. Click on each to read them.


The Advice Centre
The Advice Centre is open weekdays between 10:00 - 17:00. It is located on floor 2M of the Union Building, South Kensington Campus, SW7 2BB

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