The pen is mightier than the syringe!

Digital Magazine Writer and Editor
Brightlobe Labs
London. Primarily remote with occasional meetings in Central London.

About the Role

You’ll be part of a small team of writers that will contribute to our online magazine. This team is integral to helping our platform reach our audience; and a critical part in ensuring our project achieves the visibility it needs to succeed.

The role involves researching and writing articles on topics including: child health; child development; childhood chronic illnesses; medical health technology; and more. In some instances, you may be asked to “parse” medical literature into content that a layperson could understand.

Skills needed:

    -Researching article sources (i.e. conducting scientific literature reviews)
    -Ability to write for a general audience; and to proofread and edit pieces
    -Commitment to follow-up with any suggested changes to copy


All volunteers will be asked to meet for 1 x 1.5 hour induction session. The induction session aims to:

    -Introduce volunteers to the mission of the non-profit organisation;
    - Assist volunteers in understanding the writing task and the submission process;
    - Enable volunteers to ask for any clarification on their role or responsibilities.

Brightlobe Labs is committed to fostering an atmosphere in which our volunteers are enriched by their participation.


We’re looking for talented writers who can contribute 2-3 x 500-600 word articles on child development and child health per week. Therefore, the time commitment depends largely upon the time taken to complete the task, including any background research that may be required.

About the Organisation

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Commitment Level: Ongoing
Time Commitment: Ongoing
Training Provided: No
Travel Reimbursed: No
Meals Reimbursed: No
Closing Date: 31/08/2018
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  • Disability
  • Education & Literacy
  • Health, Hospitals & Hospices
  • Youth
  • Business Management & Research
  • Marketing, PR & Media

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