Age UK Westminster

The charity's principal aims are:-
o to promote a positive attitude towards older people and ageing
o to promote well-being, positive health and effective social care for
older people including via preventative services
o to encourage choice and opportunity for older people
o to support greater engagement by older people in civil society and in shaping the polices that affect their lives We provide a wide variety of services to reduce hardship, disadvantage and isolation for older people in our local community. Westminster's demographic for older people also focuses our attention on a variety of Black & Minority Ethnic Groups (BME) that are resident in the borough. In particular we provide opportunities for older service users to get involved in Age Concern Westminster's volunteer programme. Many volunteers work in our shops and in befriending, supporting information and advice services; they are also involved in providing input to the development of future servic

Beit Quadrangle
Prince Consort Road
London SW7 2BB
Registered Charity No: 1151241
Tel: 020 7594 8060
Fax: 020 7594 8065
Twitter: @icunion
VAT Reg No. GB 240 5617 84