Advice UK

AdviceUK is the UK's largest support network for free, independent advice centres. AdviceUK was formed in 1979 as the Federation of Independent Advice Centres (FIAC). We are a charity and a membership organization who also sell products and services such as training, consultancy, insurances and bespoke computer software.

We exist partly to enable advice services to deal more effectively with the problems faced by the general public, particularly those resulting from welfare changes, in and out of work poverty, and the overall squeeze on household incomes.

Our Vision : A society wherein every individual, regardless of means, is able to access the advice they need in order to deal with legal and social welfare problems they may face and to protect their rights.

Our Mission : To support advice organisations be helping them to be efficient and to campaign for a policy environment that supports advice agencies and people needing advice.

Beit Quadrangle
Prince Consort Road
London SW7 2BB
Registered Charity No: 1151241
Tel: 020 7594 8060
Fax: 020 7594 8065
Twitter: @icunion
VAT Reg No. GB 240 5617 84