The Pimlico Connection

The Pimlico Connection

Founded at Imperial in 1975, this year we are celebrating 41 years of placing Imperial students into local schools. We are looking for students to volunteer as tutors, lending their knowledge and expertise to help and support hundreds of children in their studies in the schools surrounding our campuses.  Inspire local children to succeed and reach their academic potential to become the next generation of STEM students. Download the Pimlico Connection 2016–17 Annual Report (pdf) to find out what our tutors did last year, and what teachers had to say about the scheme!

Programme dates

The programme runs October - March with tutors volunteering between 1-3 hours of their time. It is usually on a Wednesday afternoon to fit around your studies, however there are some Saturday morning and Tuesday slots available. You could tutor with primary school students all the way up to senior year to help them achieve in STEM subject.


We have a variety of training opportunities to help you through your tutoring year. We have the briefing and induction session that tells you all the important tutoring information including how to engage students and what to do in difficult situations. It's a hugely interactive workshop and very beneficial.

Then throughout the year we have top up training courses around communication, English language skills and anything else that you feel that you could use some additional support on.

Lead Tutor and Staff support

You will have the support of your lead tutor who will be your point of contact and help and support you with any concerns. You will also always attend a school with another Imperial student ensuring that you have someone to travel with and also as another way to make friends!

There is a staff team working to help keep everything running smoothly, this is a joint effort between the Outreach department (and the Student Development Team at the Union. They work hard to ensure the schools are working with the tutors and that the tutors have all the support they need around tutoring. Also this gives you an opportunity to get involved with Imperial Plus the Union's student development programme that recognises volunteering efforts, helping students to identify and articulate the skills and experiences gained through volunteering that graduate recruiters’ value.


We will also do our best to match your home postcode to a local school so you're not traveling too far to your tutoring session. Also if you are using Oyster pay as you go travel we will reimburse you the travel expenses are our travel expense drop in session. You simply have to bring a copy of your journeys off TFL's website and we can give you the cash back.


Applications for tutors are now open for 2017/18 please click here to apply.

If you are a school looking to apply please do so here




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