Community Connections: Inspiring you to make the world a better place

Community Connections - Volunteering is the Union’s programme that enables and empowers you to take action on social issues that you feel passionately about, via volunteering enterprises. If you have any queries about volunteering at Imperial, please contact Community Connections at volunteering@imperial.ac.uk

Using our Community Connections service is a great way to find a role that suits your schedule. Equally, you can find a cause you are passionate about and use your skills to help and support the local community. 

Search for a Volunteer Role  

One off volunteering

This type of volunteering is for the student who isn't sure what type of volunteering they want to do, wants to try something new, or doesn't have the time to commit to regular volunteering. You will be able to come along for a few hours to help do a good deed. Find out about our One off volunteering.

Student-led volunteering projects

If you have an idea or a problem you want to help fix in our community but you are not sure where to start, then get in touch. We are keen to help students get their volunteering ideas off the ground. We have the contacts in the community and can help financially to get a project started while supporting you through the whole process. Find out about our Student-led volunteering projects.

Volunteering Societies

You can also volunteer with fellow students. Imperial has many volunteering societies that support a huge range of social causes. Whether you work for your local SoupRun or help internationally with Raincatcher, if you'd like to work with fellow students and incorporate your own skills in computer science, engineering, medicine etc. there will be a society for you. 

Other opportunities

Many ways to contribute to our Imperial and wider community exist across the College. You can support new students' transitions by becoming a HelloICUCrew member in October or contribute to the Charity Insights programme which is run by Imperial College's Career Service.