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How does it work?

ACT Now! is a development programme, taking you from your initial idea right through to the final showcase, where you can display what your enterprise is and how it's going to change the world! You'll also have the chance to pitch for funding if you'd like to take your enterprise further.

 So, how does it work? 

 Step 1. Hack-it, Crack-it!

Attend one of our 3 Hack-it, Crack-it! ideas workshops and explore the issues you care about, coming up with new and innovative solutions to social problems around the world. Meet potential teammates and begin to formulate your social enterprise concept. Hack-it, Crack-its will be run on the themes of:

  • Healthcare Innovation
  • Society
  • The Environment

Have an idea that isn't covered? No worries, get in touch to discuss your ideas. 

Step 2. Enterprise Bootcamp

You have your idea and your team? You'll love this action packed bootcamp which will help make your ideas a reality. We'll be looking at team building, creative problem solving, market research and much more to get your enterprise off the ground. 

Step 3. One-to-One support

You're not in this programme alone. Union staff will be there every step of the way helping you to develop your ideas and providing advice from team development, to identifying relevant community partners to advise you on your idea. We'll work with each individual or team to create a bespoke development plan, celebrating your strengths and strengthening your weaknesses.

Step 4. Skills Development Workshops

We'll be playing host to a variety of skills workshops delivered by Union staff covering areas such as:

  • Commerical Awareness
  • Communication
  • Market Research
  • Pitch with confidence
  • Working as a team

Workshops will be delivered throughout the Autumn and Spring term 2016/17.

Step 5. Final Showcase

The Final Showcase is your chance to demonstrate what you've achieved, presenting a poster illustrating your social enterprise idea and business model. It's also your chance to pitch against other student led enterprises for a prize fund of at least £1,000. Don't want the money? That's no problem, come along anyway and showcase your potential. 

Step 6. What's next?

It's up to you! We'd love to help you take your idea forward, and can offer further seed funding opportunities to help develop your enterprise.

Social Enterprise isn't the thing for you? No worries! We hope you've had a great time and learnt some valuable skills for the future, come along to our Careers refelective workshop to learn how to articulate your experience to future employers.

Want to get involved with next years cohort? We'll be looking for ACT Now! ambassadors and programme 'mentors' for 2017/18, and it would be great to have you back. 

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