Step into Christmas

🎄STEP INTO CHRISTMAS with Imperial College Union!🎄 Here’s a bit of music trivia for you… when Elton John wrote the 70s smash-hit Step Into Christmas, he had actually been inspired by a night out at Imperial College Union (this may or may not be true… 👀🤩🤣) Come on down to our bars on Friday 10 December to join us and the legendary Mistajam for a festive extravaganza, where we’ll be decking the halls with the most fabulous Christmas decorations we can find (from the Lidl middle isle🤣). It’s sure to be a party that even Sir Elton John himself would approve of 🎅 Included in your ticket will be 1 drinks voucher plus the return of our unlimited curly fries!! There may or may not be some other festive surprises ....

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